1935 Röhr "F" Cabriolet 13/75 PS 3.3 Liter 2-Door Automobile

These are several pictures of the 1935 Röhr Type "F" 13/75 PS 3.3 Liter Cabriolet 2-Door Automobile that I currently own. The car is in reasonably good condition with no parts missing from body or engine. The convertible top, however, is now missing.

With some research I have found that this Röhr is possibly the only production line model of its make and kind in existence. There are 2 known prototype Röhr’s that I know of. One in Georgia owned by an attorney. The other was located in the Virginia area and it was owned by Edgar Röhr but I have just recently found out that it has been sent to Germany where it has been completely restored and donated to a Museum. I have also heard it rumored that there might be a Röhr in Finland and or Sweden.

My Röhr was built under license by the Neue Rohrwerke AG. The body is made by Glaser. The book titled CARS OF THE WEHRMACHT – GERMAN VEHICLES IN WORLD WAR II, authored by Reinhard Frank, states that “Cars built by Röhr are extremely rare, for this small auto builder produced only about 3000 cars in various small series from 1927 to 1935.” A German whose name was Dr. H R Klauer from Lampertheim/Hassen in Ernst-Ludwigstrabe owned it. His name is stamped in the owner’s manual and his initials are engraved on both car doors.

Because the “law on procurement for Reich duties” in Germany during WWII went in effect on September 1, 1938, the doctor hid this Röhr in the dense woods near his home so as the German Military could not confiscate his vehicle.

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1935 Röhr "F" Cabriolet 2-Door Photos

1935 Röhr "F" Cabriolet 2-Door Identification Placards

Driver Side Engine Compartment
(Mounted on the Firewall)
Für Ate Lockheed - Bremse blaue
Original Ate - Bremsflüssigkeit

Passenger Side Engine Compartment

Newe Rohr - Werke A.G.
Ober Ranstadt Hessen)
Fahrgestell Nr. 6899 Steuer PS 13
Motor NR. 2007 Brems PS 75
Gewicht KG 1550 Zul. Belast. KG 600 Hub-Volum CM3 3255

Driver Side Engine Block
2007 (Stamped on a Silver Band)
Neue Rohr - A.G.
Ober - Ramstadt (Hessen)
Motor Nr. 2007 Bohrung 69.6
Hub 108  Hub - Vol. CM3 3255
Brems PS 75
Zündfolge: 1,6,2,5,8,3,7,4

1935 Röhr "F" Cabriolet 2-Door Manual

1935 Röhr Special Sedan (Formerly owned by Edgar E. Rohr)
Letter from Edgar E. Röhr to R. J. Haggerty September 11, 1970

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