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Cristal Dichroide (Vaseline) Glass

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Baccarat Salt Cellar (around 1900)
Baccarat Salt Cellar

Above Photo Courtesy of  Dave Peterson and Vaseline Glass Collectors, Inc.

Baccarat Tiente Swirl Pin Tray in Vaseline Glass - Circa 1900 (Benfer Family Collection)


Baccarat has rarely produced Vaseline Glass (Yellow Uranium) during its entire rich history.   In 1843, they made their first vaseline glass, calling it Cristal Dichroide.  The Baccarat Tiente Swirl Pin Tray shown above is 5.00" Wide x 1.00" in Height and 2.00" Deep.  Baccarat produced very little Uranium based glass during its history and we are documenting the patterns and pieces produced with Uranium as the primary colorant, including Green Uranium and Vaseline Glass.  If you have pieces that you would like to see added to this documentation, please contact us at

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