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Weishar Enterprises and Island Mold are the current day producers of most Moon & Star pattern pieces on the market. Mosser & L.E.Smith press their pieces for them in very limited quantities per color. Most of the pieces carry the "Weishar" signature mark. Some of their molds are the ones made for L.G.Wright by their grandfather, while other molds are newer creations. They normally produce low numbers of a given piece in a single color. Anywhere from 75 - 300. Several pieces and/or sets have been produced in Vaseline and Vaseline Carnival.

All pieces listed are Moon & Star pattern. All pieces were produced in both Vaseline & Vaseline Carnival. All pieces listed carry the "Weishar" signature mark:

Full Size Water Set w/ 6 Glasses
Miniature Water Set w/ 4 Glasses
Salt & Pepper Shakers
Cheese or Sugar Shaker - Rare in Satin Finish
Long Oval Jewelry Box - Rare
4" Covered Candy
4" Footed Covered Candy
6" Soap Dish
4" Round Shaped Powder Box - Rare

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