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Summit Art Glass produces glass in a variety of colors, but works in only one color at a time. They have produced both Vaseline & Vaseline Carnival numerous times in the past and most likely will continue to make runs of it in the future. The majority of the Summit-owned molds are molds from other glass companies now out of business, although they do have some molds that were made exclusively for their own use.

Many of the Summit produced wares still carry the marks of the original makers. This is especially true with many of the Westmoreland and Imperial molds now owned by Summit. Some of Summit's glassware is marked with a V in a circle. Markings are not consistant though. You can find identical pieces, both known to have been produced by Summit, and one will have a mark of one sort and the other will not. Summit also produces wares for other companies, dealers, private individuals, and clubs. Some of this is done from Summit molds and some is done from molds owned or provided by the purchasers.

Below is a list of items that have been produced in Vaseline (Most in Vaseline Carnival also) during the past two years alone. There are many other items not listed that were produced in earlier years of operation, but these are the most recent. I am certain that this list is not complete. Some of Summit's clients prefer that it not be known that these pieces have been recently produced. The following items were made by Summit during the last two years. These were part of their "regular" run for their own sales to shops, dealers and other wholesalers.

Another listing will follow this one with items known to have been produced for individual dealers. Pieces known to have been produced for other wholesaler's exclusive sales will be listed under that particular glass company.


1 1/2" Chick Salt
5 1/2" Covered Hen
7 1/2" Covered Hen
8" Covered Camel
6 1/2" Covered Turtle, 8 1/2" Covered Duck
10" Covered Atterbury Bunny
5 1/2" Hen on a Sleigh, 5 1/2" Covered Pony Chick on Egg Pile
5 1/2" Covered Robin
5 1/2" Covered Rabbit
Cat on Hamper
Owl Toby Jar


4" Owl w/Glass Eyes
2 1/2" Frog w/ Glass eyes
Texas Boot Large Kewpie
Solid Turtle Polar Bear
Large Butterfly on Base
Upright Piano Washboard (Colgate)
Solid Owl (Woodsie??), Buffalo Paperweigh
Large Pig


1" Heart Salt
1 1/2" Thumbprint Salt
1 1/2"Square Salt
2" Caprice Round Salt
4 1/4 " Mt.Vernon Pedestal Salt Duck
Salt Imperial Pedestal Salt (Anaheim 1969)
Footed English Hobnail Salt Starburst Salt
Tub Salt 6 Point Star Salt
Caprice Divided Salt Azalea Salt


Grandma Slipper
Texas Boot, Daisy Button Shoe Rose Slipper


Jenny Lind Mayo w/Ladle Swan Pattern Covered Creamer
Strawberry Jam Jar Quilt Pattern Honey Box & Butter Dish
Owl Cream & Sugar
Fan & Feather Covered Candy
Holly Pattern Creamer
Duboe Hand Reamer Caprice Pattern Creamer
& Mug Candlesticks (WG) & Stick Butter Dish, Washboiler Condiment Dish
Cactus S & P


Sunbonnet Sue TP
Holly TP, Indian Head TP
Dog House TP
Dog Head TP
Owl-N-Stump TP
Fan & Feather TP
Double Elephant TP
Cactus TP
Argonaut Shell TP
3 Swan TP
3 Kitten TP
Chrysanthemum Sprig TP


4" Chick Mug
4 3/4" Chick Tray
Trout Mini Punch Set
Peacock Mini Water Set
American Eagle Coin Plate
Bottom's Up Shot Glass
Silver Dollar Ring Dish
G. Washington Quarter Plate
Shell Pin Tray
Shell Soap Dish
Large Covered Picnic Basket, Bunny Plate
3 Bears Plate
Mule Plate
Elk Head Pocketwatch
Penny Safe Covered Box
Small Covered Heart Box

NOW THE FUN PART!!!   Summit does a great deal of Contract work for other glass companies, clubs, dealers, etc.. Pieces that I know have been produced for other companies are listed under that company's info, ie. Ed Bowman, etc.. Clubs do present much of a problem as I do not know of any club pieces made by Summit in Vaseline during recent years.


September Morn - Tall Nude, Bashful Charlotte
Cambridge Draped Lady Lamp Base
Imperial Rose Compote, 3 Section Covered Candy
Tiffin Deer
Figural Flower Float
Ballerina Mint Dish (For Moose's Magic Glass - Houston)
Campaign Hat
Covered Trinket Dish (For Moose's Magic Glass - Houston)

The greatest area of concern for Vaseline collectors should be pieces made exclusively for an individual dealer. Many of these dealers are open and honest about the age and origin of their pieces, others are not. Below is a list only of pieces that I KNOW were produced by Summit for individual dealers. There are many more that are not listed. Due to agreements between Summit and the purchasers some information is not presented here.

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