Vaseline Glass Reproductions

Singleton Bailey

Singleton Bailey is a Fenton Showcase dealer who also has had Fenton produce limited runs of pieces for his exclusive sales. Most of his pieces have seen rapid increase in value and collectibility due to the excellent quality and extremely low production amounts. These pieces carry the Fenton Logo and in some cases an additional logo:  <DBS>

Pieces known to have been produced in Vaseline include the:

Poppy Vase - Vaseline Opal Iridescent, Vaseline Opal Satin
Barnyard Bowl - Vaseline Opal Iridescent
Persian Medallion Cuspidor - Vaseline Opal Iridescent
Basketweave Cuspidor - Vaseline Opal Iridescent
Sunburst Medallion Cuspidor - Vaseline Opal Iridescent

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