Vaseline Glass Reproductions

Ron Lukian

Thanks to the article about Ron Lukian in a past issue of the VGCI's Glowing Report, many collectors are already familiar with his work. In the past, most of his sales have been through galleries, particularly on the East coast. As his work is becoming more well known, it is appearing in more locations nationwide, as well as the internet and ebay. The majority of his Vaseline pieces are Opalescent. His specialty is perfume bottles, all with long daubers. Something not seen in most newer production. He has also produced small bowls and some post ring holders in Vaseline Opalescent. His worked is signed and dated, not stamped. He plans to produce Vaseline periodically, but states quite frankly that it is not his best seller. Therefore it is not produced as often as some of his other colors. His Vaseline is worked from cullet.

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