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Gibson Glass produces a wide variety of blown, mold - blown, and hand crafted glass items. They are probably best known for their biggest sellers - Glass Cruets. They also do a wide range of figurines, vases, perfume bottles, decanters, paperweights, bowls, ring holders, cuspidors, baskets, toothpick holders, oil candles (lamps), and water sets (full size & miniature).

Vaseline wares have been produced by Gibson numerous times during their history. Variety is the spice of life at Gibson. A single mold can be fashioned into countless different pieces. They are ever the innovators. Various finishes can also be found in similar pieces. A single piece can sometimes be found in plain (or no finish), opalescent, carnival, crackle, etc.. or a combination of several treatments. The combinations are endless and so are their imaginations. Among Vaseline collectors, the Gibson Large Blown Fish is probably one of the most popular and heavily sought-after items.

Gibson does not actually batch Vaseline Glass. They work from cullet, normally Fenton. Because of this, they are not able to produce Vaseline just anytime they wish. They are dependent on a supply of cullet. In recent years, this has not been a problem and they have regularly produced Vaseline once each year.

MOST of Gibson's wares are marked with a circular imprint which reads "GIBSON" and the year of production. However, not all molds and pieces have a spot suitable for marking. ALSO, Gibson will produce goods both in their regular line and special orders without the mark, if so requested.

Production runs at Gibson are remarkably small and the pieces are often quite limited before they even hit the shelves. Cruets are their biggest sellers and they may produce a gross of a single style. By comparison, Fenton may produce 2500 of a single piece and consider it "limited". Larger pieces and sets rarely number over a dozen produced within a single year and are very seldom repeated. They will also do "experiments" which will usually be marked. These can be real finds. The piece may be produced in years to come, but the original experimental pieces with the date will be rare as usually less than a handful are made and sometimes only one.

Because of the artistic nature of Gibson Glass, it is next to impossible to list Everything that they have produced in the last few years. But below is a list of items known to have been produced by Gibson in the last 3 years. There are certainly more than is listed, but it is a start. Keep in mind that even pieces intended to be identical will vary from piece to piece. Also. different finishing touches may occur in a single run of a piece.

BASKETS (Like the Cruets, there are most certainly more out there than what I have listed)
Long Diamond
Hobnail - Two shapes straight sides and a more rounded shape
Large Hobnail
Pot Belly
Optic Panels
Heavy Iris
Large Grapevine
Small Grapevine
Several Varieties of Mini Baskets that are not identified by a pattern name, but are normally marked

CRUETS (Cruets are a Gibson favorite and many variations, novelties, and "experiments" will appear)

Bell Shape - Coin Dot or Ribbed Optic (Also Miniature in Optic & Crackle)
Long Diamond
TEEPEE Shape Diamond Optic in Coin Dot & Crackle
Heavy Iris
Hanging Hearts Design TEEPEE Shape
Coin Dot - Taller, more cylindrical shape
Coin Dot - Shorter, more squatty "jug" shape
#18 - Footed - Optic Panels & Crackle
#156 - Large Base
#16 - Squatty Bottom, no base or foot


Ribbed Optic
Light Diamond Optic
Grapevine Pattern - Large


Grape Decanter (L.G.Wright Mold)
Optic Decanter - Melon Base


Large Blown Fish
Small Bird
Duck (looks more like a swan)
Teapot (Ringholder)


Small Round
Optic Footed w/Handle


Hanging Hearts
Large Mini Apple
Large Mini Pear
Spiral Optic
Spiral Optic Ring Holder


Round Optic Perfume
Fan Perfume
Grapevine Perfume
Blown Perfume
Large Crimped Optic Footed Perfume


Regular Grapevine
Double Grapevine (center pinched like hourglass)
Pot Belly
Small Grapevine


Mini Cuspidor
Mini Jack n Pulpit
Mini Top Hat
Fluted Style (like Mini Cuspidor, w/Scalloped edge)

VASES (The variations here are never ending)

Vine & Berry - Round spherical shape
Melon vase
Long Diamond Jack n Pulpit
Hobnail Jack n Pulpit
Regular Jack n Pulpit - Ribbed optic and Crackled
Pot Bellied Jack n Pulpit - Ribbed Optic & Crackled
Footed Jack n Pulpit
Large Footed J/P - Ribbed &Diamond optic
Large Hanging Hearts Design
Crackled Kerchief Vase
Grapevine Kerchief Vase
Small Crackled w/Double Crimped Top
Large Crackled w/Double Crimped Top
Grapevine Rose Bowl
Diamond Rose Bowl


Heavy Iris - Large (old L.G.Wright mold)
Grape & Lattice - Large
Grapevine Pattern - Regular
Various styles in a small or miniature size have also been produced


Flower Holder
Long Stem Art Glass Flower
Large "Marbles"

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