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Ed Bowman

Ed Bowman runs a small glass wholesale company, specializing in salts and other small collectibles. Like others, Ed does not produce the glassware himself but instead has other companies press his wares for him. Currently Summit makes his pieces for him using his molds.

He has a few original molds as well as a great many old Wetzel molds and others. Some of his molds are marked "E.E." from a former business venture with a now former wife. The tiny chick on a round base covered salt is probably one of his more highly collected pieces and has been produced in a wide variety of colors, including Vaseline and Vaseline Carnival. It is also nicknamed the "World's Smallest Chick Salt". And to the best of my knowledge, it is. Ed Bowman items include:

Mini Hen on Nest/Chick Salt
Children's Mini Hobnail Water Set (Rare)
Child's Mini Butter Dish - Wing Scroll Pattern
Daisy Salt
Hat Salt
Rectangle Salt
Round Top 9 Sided Base Salt
Square Salt (Round Opening)
4 Loop Clover Salt
Octagon 8 Sided Salt
Double Bone Shape Salt
Cambridge Square Salt
Round Diamond Point Salt
Regal Knob Salt

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