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Degenhart Museum

In addition to the operations of the museum itself, they also sell many new small glass novelty items. Most of these are new molds in the style of the original Degenhart designs. They have produced miniature dolls (Eldena, Bernard, and John Alden), small wine glasses, bridge set shaped salt dips, miniature tomahawks, cup plates, an Elizabeth Degenhart profile toothpick, and minature versions of the popular Pooche mold ( Joe & Louise).

To this date, the only items produced in Vaseline and Vaseline Carnival are the miniature Pooches - Joe & Louise. All of the new museum pieces are marked with a D in a Heart outline, with a line under the Heart. This distinguishes them from the original Degenhart pieces. The museum is not an actual glass factory. They own the molds and have their wares produced by Mosser. They are hoping to add more colors in the future, but they are at the mercy of Mosser's scheduling.

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